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We have just received from Berlin information on costs estimated at about 6-8 hours of AVM resection surgery-old son, it cost over 8000 euros. Deadline was set for 20 September. (Julia fifth birthday). Most likely, this deadline moves, due to the date and the relatively short time to obtain the required amount.

This time, Dr. Meyer will operate (the surgeon) with prof. Jovanovic (otolaryngologist). We all strive to ensure that Julka difficulty breathing subsided and he could easily przesypiać nights. Increasingly threatened by nocturnal CPAP support, but we firmly believe that can do without additional hardware and Juluś keep the operation. Due to the fact that the coins made ​​of 1% of the tax until we receive at the end of the year (November) with all my heart, please help pieniążków they earn, you can make payments to sub Julka Foundation "Help on Time '- the data in tab Julek Help! .

Thank you in advance for your help in the treatment of our son - Julia's parents.

The NHF received a second refusal on the treatment of Julian in Berlin, this time in July, we filed

complaint to the Administrative Court in Warsaw

Our 2.5 year old son Julek is a very cheerful child. Unfortunately, fate caused, that was born with a large lymphatic malformation (large tumor) of the face and neck. Resulted in a huge haemangioma that Julek years after the birth of time spent in the Polish Mother Health Centre in Lodz, where he has undergone a major operation to remove part of his life-threatening hemangiomas and a series of very painful injections .

Thanks to the efforts of many people, doctors, we, our families, friends and friends Julek despite poor bargaining doctors comes to full efficiency. But a huge part of the tumor and the damaged nerves remained and even a small infection of the throat often ends with a stay in hospital.

With Ms. Eve Dudkiewicz (mother-child Kacperek Olsztyn similar malformations at Julek) there is a chance for treatment of Julia in Berlin, by one of the best surgeons in the world specializing in vascular surgery, Dr. Milton Waner, who arrives from New York several times a year to Germany to perform very complicated and difficult operations, as well as advice.

However, as a guess, treatment abroad is very expensive and beyond our financial capacity, which is why we try every possible means, including through this website, to collect funds to cover the operation of our son.


And time is so little!

FIRST (most serious OPERATION) is scheduled


We would like to thank all of you for any help, Julek, Edith and Tom.